If you’re unsure if you need a tub in your bathroom or a shower, then, a tub shower combo might be the design element that your bathroom is missing. With a remodel using a tub & shower combo, it is a wonderful design option if you have limited space. Finding a tub and shower combo design that is right for you is not difficult, since there are many small bathroom tub and shower ideas,

Do you like the option of a bubble baths or a shower? If you like both, then a tub shower combo is the perfect option for you. We will look at tub & shower combo options that will give you much food for thought in designing your bathroom oasis.


Bath & Shower Combo Pros and Cons

If you would like a tub shower combo installed in your bathroom remodel project, let's look at the the pros and cons to fully understand this option.

Space Saver

Installing a tub & shower combo rather than having them separate, you save space and can use it for other uses.


A tub & shower combo installation kit will help you save money, because they are cheaper.


A tub and shower combo is a "one size fits all" option. It takes care of the needs of your family and guests. This setup takes care of everyone.

Resale value

Most realtor's will tell you that a home with at least one bathtub is easier to sell than a home without one at all. If you have a tub & shower combo, you can have a bathtub without sacrificing a shower.


With today's walk in tubs, you need to get in the tub to check the water. While most modern tubs feature anti-scald valves, they’re not foolproof, so it is still a necessary precautionary measure.

Waste Water

By comparison, showers can use 12 to 40 gallons of water depending on water pressure and shower time lengths, and how many teen agers are in the home!

Bathroom Layout

You have many options for your bathroom remodel. The first option is to install the shower in the tub, which is perfect for small bathrooms.

The next option would be to separate the tub and shower while keeping them in the same space. Using a glass wall is a common choice.

The third option would be a combo tub & shower enclosure. This involves installing a smaller tub and shower in a designated area of your bathroom.


Waterproofing is necessary when you have a shower & tub combo. You need to be careful when choosing the drain, tiles, and all the other materials. Built-in tubs are easier to install and waterproof than freestanding tubs.

It’s also necessary to make sure your walls are waterproofed. The best option is to tile all the way up to the ceiling for maximum waterproofing protection.


About Bathroom Remodeling in Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

How Much Is A Walk In Tub With Shower?

A walk in tub with shower can cost anywhere between $1,500 to over $20,000. The average tub shower combo installation costs $1,500. If installation requires larger pipes or a wall surround, they will impact pricing. You’ll need to cover labor expenses, which involve removing your old tub.

Does A Walk In Tub Add Value To A House?
It depends on the location of your house, the people who live there, and potential buyers. Walk-in tubs add value to a home if there are elderly and physically disabled individuals residing in it. When you upgrade your bathroom to a tub shower layout, it increases safety and security for its users. Let’s face it, showers are dangerous and uncomfortable. For the elderly and those suffering from physical injury, using a shower to bathe is out of the question
Are Walk In Tubs Tax Deductible?

If a walk in tub is purchased for medical safety reasons, it’s a medical expense. Therefore, the materials and installation costs are tax deductible as a Medical on your CRA tax forms. It would be the same thing if you purchased a medical device.


A qualifying individual is one who is eligible for the disability tax credit at any time in the year or an individual who is 65 years of age or older at the end of the year.

What Is A Bariatric Tub?

A bariatric walk-in tub is an easy-access bathtub that has a door and seat and is designed to hold large bathers over 300 pounds. In addition to a wide tub frame, these tubs have wide doors and wide seats. Many brands are wheelchair accessible.

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